Saturday, August 16, 2008

Britton Baptisim

Britton this was such a special day for you and everyone that loves you!
I just have to tell you, the hole day you had the biggest smile on your face! When your dad took you into the baptismal font you looked at everyone with the biggest smile,you where So cute.
Britton mom and Dad and all of your family and friends are so excited to help you with your decision to follow the savior and be a member of the church.I know that you will find peace in your decision. Remember Britt Savior is where you find your true happiness in life.

Britton Brithday

Look at you!!! Your SO big! I cant believe that you are 8yrs old! Its just seems like yesterday that you were just a little tiger getting into everything! Waite that still hasn't change :).

8 Reasons why we love you...

1. You have a huge heart.

2. You are always busy.

3. You live and eat sports.

4. You are the energiser bunny!

5. Your Mr funny!!!

6. Your very smart.

7. You just So cute to look at!

8. Your the best helper!

Britton, these are just a few resons why we love and adore you! Happy Birthday.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday!!!
I just can't believe that you are 6yr old!!!! So since its your 6th birthday. Dad and I decided to say the 6 top reasons why we love you so much!!!
1. Your so dang Cute (seriously you know when you kid is a future lady killer)
2. Your smart.
3. Your a very kind and loving person.
4. Your very entertaining.
5. You have the best comments.
6.You have the best dance moves on the block.
These are just some of the reasons we love you Cade. Happy Birthday

Sunday, February 24, 2008


I just can't believe that she is Two!
Time dose fly by so fast!
She is my Sassy little Girl! I love just having her
around all day with me, she love to play with her
baby's and sing me songs(once there was a snowmen),
she also loves to play with her cutie friend down the
street Licity. Every chance she gets she puts on her clock,
clocks (Princess Shoes) and heads to Licitys they are so
cute together.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Crazy Mom...

Yes all of you that know me. know that I'm a bit on the crazy side at times!!! I just have to say that the last two weeks have been so crazy busy and challenging at the same time.

Holly, Ally and I decided that were where going to be come more athletic? Yes we think that since we are in Boot Camp that were tuff girls( which we really are) but we need more of a challenge than the GYM.

So I had a bright idea that we should hike Camel back moutian! its like 1.1/2 miles up. now when I say up, its like walk ten steps and climb 50 steps. So we make it to the top and take the photo of us standing on the top of this moutian, because we feel SO cool about making it to the top. On the way down we are by these search and rescue guys who are laughing at us, because were joking that they need to stay by us cause Ally is going to fall. We get about 100 feet from the parking lot. Were just jogging down and this lady in front of me suddenly decides that she is going to go left and I'm right behind her on the left jogging. I fall. I'm in instant pain and she turns and said " Oh Are You OK!!!!!!!" if you know me and know my mother then you know that when I loose control the Peggy Holman comes out in me. I yell at her to go away!!! she hurry off because this sweaty crazy lady is yelling at her. Holy and Ally are there to yell for the rescue guys to come help me. This was not suppose to be me. It was going to be Ally since I'm the tuff one.

So the rescue man wraps my foot up and tells me that I probably broke my ankle and he is going to carry me on his back to the parking lot! OK! He is skinner than me! He thinks that he is going to put my FAT body on his back! I tell him NO! The next thing I know I'm on his Skinny back or should I say Hips Because he picked my butt up and had my legs wrapped around his waist so tight that know my inner thighs hurt so bad from his skinny bonney hips, that have forgot that I might have a broken ankle.

The Girls take me to the ER. I did not brake my ankle but I have to wear this cast for 4days.This the real kicker. I'm in a contest at my gym called the race to the waist. I'm in the top 10 of 150 people. So know I have this cast and how I'm I suppose to workout. So know I ride the bike and my trainer helps my with weights and makes me ride the bike, and ride and ride. my bum hurts so bad that I have bad dreams about the bike..

I'm so bad at posting on my blog. I just need to have the time to do it. I should be editing photos now, but I need a break from looking at photos all night

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Sunday Night...

I have to say that Sunday nights are a bitter sweet at the Hallett house hold. First I will start with the bitter. In the back of my mind from about 6pm is, Will's going back to work in the morning and the rind and the grind starts all over again! Getting the kids up for school or should I say get myself up out of bed! Ok I LOVE TO SLEEP IN!!! Nothing like being snuggled in your blanket and bed. I love it!!! Get the kids breakfast and fix my self eggs, since that's all I do these days is eat chicken and eggs. Then they go to school and Livy and I just clean and go to the gym, I know life is hard for me.
The sweet is that I can watch all my good TV shows that are all back in action, do this blog that is addictive, and have me time. I hope that I keep this blog up to date, I always feel like I have to put a photo on it or something interesting to blog.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Lake Tahoe

Will and I finally went on a trip all by our self's! To Lake Tahoe and can you say FABULOUS!!!We sleep in, went hot tubing, dinner, drove around the lake 8 times, with no one saying are we there yet!!!Shopping ect.

Shanna was getting married there. So it gave us perfect reason to get away. during the day we did what we wanted then at night we hung out with all my high school girl friends. lets just say that we had such a good time catching up and laughing about old times. it was as if we never skipped a beat.

I just have to say, that the time we had was much need! In the rind and the grind of our daily life's it was nice to have that break to just enjoy each other and lets say re-group.